Available for graphic design commission/work

So besides crafting these plush dolls (which you can get at http://www.loretovdesign.storenvy.com) I also do graphic design work.

I’ve done editorial, branding and hand lettering work and would love the opportunity to collaborate with you to get your design needs done.

Please check out my portfolio page, http://www.loretovdesign.com to see my work, and don’t hesitate to contact me at contact@loretovdesign.com for more inquiries.

Hope to talk to you all soon!

Preview of the Felicity Smoak plush doll now on http://t.co/Ac8i8qDbvp with the Green Arrow plush is already there. http://t.co/2yZTEOO5bf

Q&A session with Jeremy Jordan and Richard LaGravenese at TIFF14 for The Last Five Years. 

What a fantastic film adaptation. Excited for everyone to see this movie when it comes out. Jeremy and Anna did an amazing job carrying this movie.

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Finished sewing the first two Harley Quinn plush dolls. The cris-crossing of colours confused me for a bit. LOL. On the store later this week. #loretovdesign #wip #harleyquinn #dccomics #vscocam

Morning #handlettering while waiting for church to start this morning. ☺️ ☕️ #loretovdesign

It’s starting to feel like sweater weather lately. I’m enjoying it. ☺️

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These NERD definition by Zachary Levi prints are about to be shipped out. Get your print at http://www.loretovdesign.storenvy.com The print on the left, $5 is donated to Operation Smile.

Harley Quinn, Batgirl, + Poison Ivy. A sneak peak of the plush dolls currently being made. Fun right?

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These Doctors needs a companion!

With the new season of Doctor Who just around the corner, get these adorable 10th and 11th Doctor plush dolls.

Go to http://www.loretovdesign.storenvy.com to purchase them.