Has anyone else been craving pizza today?

This was the first design for my campaign to raise money for Operation Smile, a charity that actor, Zachary Levi supports and is very passionate about.

I have decided to bring it back, and sell them at a different size (8x10) and cost. Click here to purchase this print.

And volia. Covered this ugly red box with a beautifully patterned wrapping paper. Perfect storage for my winter scarves. #crafts #accessories #loretovdesign #vscocam

It’s raining here in Toronto. Is anyone else just “Singin’ In The Rain”?

Storenvy Store Now Open!

Available on my store is the first set of hand made plush dolls that are available to purchase world wide. I’m so excited to be able up and running.

Go to http://loretovdesign.storenvy.com/ to purchase.

I’ll be adding some prints and other items this week. Thanks for liking this plush dolls and making these popular. :)

It’s been quite a busy last few weeks making these and other plush dolls.

I will releasing a store link this coming Monday for purchasing the current inventory of my plush dolls. I will be posting design prints and some of my jewellery pieces on there as well.

Excited to finally have these available to you world wide.


Day 147 by Loreto Vasconcellos (@loretovdesign) - loretovdesign.com : Combining the my crafting world with my design world.

Commissioned plush of The Little Prince.

If you’re interested in commissioning a plush, email me at contact@loretovdesign.com Worldwide shipping available.

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